Dramatic Society

  1. There shall be a Drmatic Society in the name of the “Dramatic Society, Governement Women’s College, Puri.”
  2. All the student of the college shall be members of the Society.
  3. Every studnet of the college shall have to pay to the Society Rs.10.00 in the College office as subscription per year at the beginning of each year.
  4. The Society shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the following members :
    (a) President : Prinicipal (ex-officio)
    (b) Vice-President (s) : one or more members of the staff nominated by the Principal.
    (c) Secretary : To be elected from among students.
    (d) Assistant Secretary : To be elected from the first year class by all members.
    (e) One class representative from each class : elected from among themselves.
  5. At the beginning of each session, election shall be held to the different offices in the manner determined by the Principal.
  6. The Committee shall perform the following duties :
    (a) To prepare the budget for the session,
    (b) To decide with the approval of the Principal which drama is to be staged,
    (c) To stage drama, arrange variety entertainments from time to time,
    (d) To select students from the college to participate in the drama. The selection shall be approved by the Principal.
  7. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Society. The Asst.Secretaty shall assist her and will perform the duties of the Sectetary in her absence.
  8. The Principal can ask any office bearer to resign on grounds of misconduct, indiscipline and inefficiency. She can nominate another office bearer in her place till the next election.
  9. The office bearers shall hold office till they are sent up for the University Examination or end of the academic session whichever is applicable.
  10. The Annual Function of the Dramatic Society will be held on the same day along with the Annual Funcion of the College Union.
  11. In all matters the decision of the Principal shall be final.