College Union

  1. All the students of Degree classes of the College form a Union. The name of the Union shall be College Union of the Government Women’s College, Puri.
  2. The Union shall remain the sole tribune of student’s opinion inside the College.
  3. The function of the Union must be of a highly constructive nature so as to maintain and promote the academic habits of the students of the college.
  4. If the Union indulges in any activity derogatory, Principal is at liberty to dismantle the Union so as to enforce academic atmosphere of the College.
  5. Function : (a) To organise discussions and debates of cultural and academic nature on subjects of local, national and international interests.
    (b) To invite eminent persons to address the Union.
    (c) To hold the Annual Day Function of the College Union on the same day along with the Annual Function of the Dramatic Society.
    (d) To represent to the authorities the views of the members on all matters of interest to them.
    (e) To discharge such other functions as the Principal may prescribe or as the Executive Committee shall decide with the prior permission of the Principal.
  6. Membership : Every student of degree classes of the College shall be a member of the Union. No one whose name is not on the rolls of the College can be a member of the Union.
  7. The Role of the Principal : The Principal of the College shall be the ex-officio head of the Union and every thing done or proposed to be done by the Union shall be subject to his/her approval. He/She shall, in particular, have the following rights and functions :
    (a) To conduct the Annual Election and other elections.
    (b) To approve the Union Budget when passed by the Union Executive Committee.
    (c) To verify the accounts of the Union and to certify their accuracy.
    (d) To carry on all correspondence with the invitees either on the request of the Executive Committee or on his/her own.
  8. The Adviser and Associate Adviser :
    (a) There shall be an Adviser and an Associate Adviser appointed by the Principal from among the members of the teaching staff.
    (b) The Adviser and the Associate Adviser will be present at the meeting of the Executive Committee and at the ordinary meetings of the Union. They will help the President of such meetings with useful suggestions for proper conduct of the meeting.
    (c) The President may refer to the Adviser any rule of interpretation and the decision of the Adviser, when so referred to, shall be the final.
    (d) The adviser may at any time during a meeting at the request of the President, explain the scope and effect of a motion or amemdment .
    (e) In the absence of the Adviser and the Associate Adviser the Principal shall depute some other member of the teaching staff to discharge the functions of the Adviser.
    (f) The Adviser or Associate Adviser will not preside over the meeting of the Union unless president requests him/her to do so in writing.
  9. Fee :
    (a) Every student of the College shall pay an annual subscription at the begining of each academic year.
    (b) The Executive Committee shall be competent to raise more money from the students as subscription with prior permission of the Principal, but payment shall be optional.
    (c) All the money of the Union shall be collected by the College office and kept in the Treasury. The Principal shall be the drawing officer.
    (d) The Principal shall draw such money as the Secretary requests in writing from time to time to spend for specified purpose in accordance with the budget already passed and such withdrawal must be recommended by the Adviser of the College Union.
    (e) It shall be the duty of the Secretary to obtain vouchers and to keep all accounts.
    (f) Relevant vouchers of the expenditure must be submitted by the Secretaries of the Union and other Associations/Societies to the Adviser/Vive -President within 21 days from the date of drawing money for meeting the expenses of the functions.
    (g) Fresh withdrawal will not be allowed unless the accounts and necessary vouchers of the previous withdrawal are submitted to the Principal countersinged by the Adviser.
  10. The Office Bearers :
    (a) The following shall be the office-bearers of the College Union:
    i) President ii) Vice-President
    iii) Secretary iv) Assistant Secretary
    These Office Bearers shall be elected by all members of the Union. Any member of the Union can seek election to the office of the President or Secretary. Only members belonging to 1st year class can seek election to the office of the Vice-President or Assistant Secretary.
    (b) The office Berares shall be individually responsible to the General Body and shall have the following functions :
    (i) The president shall preside over the Executive Committee meetings, all ordinary General Body Meetings and functions held under the auspices of the Union.
    (ii) She shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting the rules.
    (iii) Her rulings shall be final except where she requests the Adviser to give a ruling in which case the ruling of the Adviser shall be considered the final.
    (iv) She may be required to discharge such other funcions as are assigned to her by the Principal.
    (i) In the absence of the President the Vice-President shall assume all her right and all her functions.
    (ii) She will have to such other functions as may be assigned by the Executive Committee or by the Principal from time to time consistent with the provisions of the Constitution.
    (i) The Secretary shall be the Executive officer of the Union.
    (ii) She shall select topics for discussion at all ordinary meetings in cosultation with the Adviser and the President and she shall make all the arrangements of such meetings.
    (iii) She shall convene meeting of the Executive Committee and shall look to the maintenance of the proceedings of the meetings.
    (iv) She shall remain in charge of the Union property and records.
    (v) She shall spend the money of the Union in accordance with the budget previously passed and it shall be the duty of the Secretary to maintain proper account and keep the vouchers. In all expenses of the College Union the Adviser should be consulted.
    (i) The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of her duties and
    (ii) in her absence perform all her funcions.
  11. The Executive Committee :
    The activities of the Union shall be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of the following elected from among the members of the Union.
    i) President ii) Vice-President
    iii) Secretary iv) Assitant Secretary
    v) Class representatives: one elected from each class from among themselves.
  12. Vacancies :
    (a) The office bearers shall hold office for the entire academic session unless they
    (i) Cease to be members of the college union,
    (ii) Voluntarily resign, in writing, addressing their letters to the Prinicipal,
    (iii) are removed by motion passed by a two third majority of the members present and voting expressing want of confidence in them at an extraordinary meeting called for the purpose.
    (b) Office bearers shall be deemed to have vacated their offices after their Test Examination is over. If the President and Secretary vacate their offices of the above ground the Vice-President and Assistant Secretary shall succeed them respectively as President and Secretary.
    (c) Any office falling vacant except as mentioned in (b) above will be filled up by holding by-election. The procedure for the by-election shall be the same as for annual election. However, under abnormal situation the vacant post may be filled up by nominating a student by the Principal.
  13. Functions and Meetings of the Executive Committee :
    (a) The Executive Gommittee shall have the following funcions:
    (i) To draw up the programme of the Union activities for the session,
    (ii) To prepare and adopt the Union budget,
    (iii) To approve the expenditure incurred by the Secretary.
    (iv) To pass the minutes of the previous meetings,
    (v) To discuss and decide on such other matters as are brought forward by at least 100 members of the Union by a written and duly signed memorandum addressed to the Principal,
    (vi) To discuss on such other matters as may be referred to by the Principal.
    (b) (i) An ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee shall be called by the Secretary in consultation with the Adviser in writing giving at least 48 hours notice to the members specifying the date, time, venue and agenda of the meeting.
    (ii) A meeting of Executive Committee shall be presided over by the President or in her absence by the Vice-President or in the absence of both by any member of the Committee elected by it on the spot, the election being conducted by the Adviser.
    (iv) No meeting of the Executive Committee can be conducted without at least half the members being present.
    (v) The minutes of the meeting shall be forwarded by the Secretary to the Principal through the Adviser who shall certify their accuracy.
    (vi) The Executive Committee can carry on its function notwithstanding the fact that there are some vancanies.
  14. General Body Meetings :
    (a) Ordinary meeting : All ordinary General Body meetings will be presided over by the President and can be convened by the Secretary with prior approval of the Principal giving one week notice in advance.
    (b) An extraordinary General Body Meeting of the Union may be convened by the Principal
    (i) at his/ her discretion, or
    (ii) at the requisition addressed to the Principal and signed by not less than 100 membes of the Union.
    (c) The Principal or his/her nominee shall preside over any extraordinary meeting.
  15. Amendment to the Constitution :
    (1) The Principal has the right to amend the Constitution for the interest of the Union.
    (2) (a) The Constitution can be amended in an ordinary/extraordinary General Body meeting.
    (b) A notice to amend the constitution should be given at least fiften days before the meeting of the General Body.
    (c) A motion to amend the consitution should receive the prior approval of the Principal and shall be deemed to have been adopted if it is passed by a majority of three fourth of the members present and voting. The quorum of the meeting shall be the one third of the members of the Union.
    (d) The amendments to the constitution, so passed, shall come into effect from such date as the Principal may decide.
  16. In all matters relating to the Union the decision of the Principal shall be final.