Athletic Society

  1. The Executive Committee of Athletic Society shall consist of
    (a) President- Principal (Ex-officio)
    (b) Vice-president (s) – ( to be nominated by the Principal from among the staff),
    (c) Secretary – (to be elected by all the degree students. The Secretary can be a student of any class.),
    (d) Assistant Secretary (to be elected by the students. The Assistant Secretary shall be student of First Year class.),
    (e) The Captains of Badminton, Volly Ball, Basket Ball and such other orginised out-door games as might exist in the college,
    (f) One class representative from each class (to be elected from among themselves)
  2. (a) All elections will be held by secret ballot at the beginning of the session as and when the Principal decides.
    (b) The Captains and Vice-Captains of respective teams will be selected by the Principal in consultation with the Vice-President, P.T.I. and the Secretary, from among the players of the respective games.
    (c) The Secretary and Assistant Secretary cannot be the Captain for any group of game, while holding office. If any student is selected as both Secretary and Captain, she will have to resign from one of the two offices.
  3. The office bearers shall hold office till they are sent up for the University Examination or end of the academic session, whichever is applicable.
  4. If the Secretary / Assistant Secretary is found to be unsatisfactory she minght be asked by the Principal to resign and another Secretary nominated by the Principal will carry on till the end of the session.
  5. The Principal has the right to make any new rule if he/she thinks it necessary for the interest of the Society.
  6. The Principal can ask any office bearer to resign on grounds of misconduct, indiscipline and inefficiency. He/She can nominate another office bearer in her place till the end of the session.