National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme has been introduced in this College to promote national consciousness and to inculcate a sense of social responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour among the students.

Specific Objective :

The specific objectives of the N.S.S. are to arouse the student’s social consciousness and provide her with opportunities –

  1. To work with and among the people;
  2. To engage in non-violent and constructive social activities;
  3. To enhance her knowledge of herself and the community through a confrontation with reality;
  4. To put her scholarship to practical use mitigating at least some of the social problems;
  5. To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.

Enrolment strength and selection :

The college has sanctions for two N.S.S. units each consisting of 50 volunteers. Selection for enrolment is made at the beginning of the session. Priority is given to experience in social work, skills in any field of activities and a keen sense of service.

Function :

  1. NORMAL : A volunter is expected to put in 240 hours of work at the minimum during a session. Her activities are connected collectively or individually as designed and entrusted by the Programme Officer during Sunday or other holidays. Attendance to the recruitment enables the volunteer to obtain a certificate from the University. Activities covered under normal are one day camps and are confined to adopted village.
  2. SPECIAL : In addition to normal camps, each N.S.S. unit is required to organise one Special Camp of 10 days duration in a session with prior sanction of the Utkal University.
  3. PROGRAMME OFFICER : Each unit has a Programme Officer chosen by the Utkal University from among the members of the staff on recommendation of the Principal to aid and guide the activities of the volunteers.
  4. FUNDS : Utkal University sanctions funds to meet the expense of the volunteers in conducting programmes.
  5. MONITORING : Govt. of India (through Asst. Programme Adviser, stationed at Bhubaneswer), Govt. Orissa (through Deputy Secretary in the Dept. of Higher Education) and Utkal University (through Programme Co-ordinator) are the agents who monitor the programmes and fund of N.S.S.

Activities of N.S.S.

  1. Non-Formal Education and Recreation :
    (1) Initiating Literacy Programmes and organising Literacy Centres.
    (2) Eradication of Social evils like drinking, caste feeling, dowry etc.
  2. Better Environment :
    (1) Planning for better environment ;
    (2) disposal of garbages, composting, sanitation work etc.;
    (3) Hospital service, nursing and cleaning etc.;
    (4) Construction and repair of roads and drains.
  3. Tree Plantation :
    Planting, Preservation and upkeep of trees.
  4. Family and child care :
    (1) Family Welfare ;
    (2) nutrition and child care ;
    (3) Mass immunisation;
    (4) Organising Blood Donation Camps ;
    (5) Organising Cataract Operation Camps ;
    (6) Organising Dental Extraction Camps;
    (7) Help to Children’s Home, Orphanages and Balashramas.
  5. Other Programmes :
    (1) Preservation and beautification of campus, monument etc.;
    (2) Digging of tanks, ponds and wells etc.;
    (3) Relief work during festivals and meals ;
    (4) Organising mass awareness camps.
    Other information regarding N.S.S. can be had from N.S.S. Programme Officer.