1. For students of 1st year H.S. class there shall be an Annual Examination at the end of the academic session to determine the promotion of student to the next higher classes. Besides, there shall be a Half Yearly Examination in the middle of the session to determine their progress.
  2. The students of Second Year H.S, First, Second Third Year of Degree classes will have to appear at a Pre- Test Examination and a Test Examination as will be notified by the Principal.
  3. Every student is required to take all these examinations in order to earn her progress certificate. A student who absents herself from college Annual / Test Examination will be fined at the rate of Rs 2.00 (two) per paper, subject to max, of Rs 10.00 (ten) and is liable to be disqualified for Universtly or CHSE examination, as the case may be. However, exemption from such fines may be allowed by the Principal on a written application submitted to the Principal through the proctor along with supporting evidences.
  4. Consideration for seding up the studnets for the Uiversity / CHSE Examination and promotion to the next higher class will be done on the basis of their performance in the above examinations.
  5. Students are required to appear at the College Examinations strictly according to rules. Adoption of malpractice or zero in the concerned paper. Suitable action shall also be taken against the misconduct of the student in the Examination Hall.


  1. Ramadevi Women’s University will hold a total of six semesters at the degree level, i.e. Sem.-I & Sem.-II – during the First Yr., Sem.-III & Sem.-IV during the Second Yr., Sem.-V & Sem.-VI during the Third Yr. There shall be no second examination for the disqualified students in these examinations. Such students may appear in the subjects they have failed in the next public back paper examination as per the instruction of the University.

    2.(1) The Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa, Bhubaneswar conducts the Annual Examination at the end of second year of H.S.Course.

    (II) PASS MARKS : Pass marks for various examinations are as follows : a) (i) 30% in each subject in whichno practical examination is held. (ii) 30% in theory papers & 40% in practical papers in subjects in which there are practical examinations.

    a) (i) 30% in each subject in which no Practical Examination is held.

    b) 35% in the aggregate.

If a candidate passes in aggregate but fails in any subject or group of subjects, she may appear compartmentally in these subjects in the next two consecutive examinations.